AASA created a partnership with ChromaGen Vision in order to provide a possible solution for students who find it difficult to read. ChromaGen offers unique, patented eyeglasses and contacts to help students with reading issues. We know there are many reasons for reading difficulties. ChromaGen helps to address these issues for many students, but does not claim to cure dyslexia. ChromaGen is simply another option for students with reading problems that have yet to find a solution.




AASA is partnering with ChromaGen Vision to introduce ChromaGen Lenses to assist students with Reading Problems.

"We believe ChromaGen will change the lives of students who are struggling to read. The ChromaGen Lenses are a significant development in education.

If a student is not an effective reader, it will affect all aspects of his or her education."

Dan Domenech, Executive Director
AASA, The School Superintendents Association

  • 1 in 5 students in the U.S. have a reading problem. It is the single biggest issue that has a negative impact on the learning process.
  • The majority of these students that struggle with reading have a vision issue that cannot be corrected with a traditional prescription from an Eye Doctor. AASA and ChromaGen Vision are seeking to identify and help these students.
  • The ChromaGen lens technology (employing eyeglasses or contacts) is a new and proprietary lens that is patented and Cleared by the FDA.

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ChromaGen Lenses - A New Treatment Option For Reading Problems

ChromaGen Lenses are a new Life Changing Aid for Vision Related Reading Problems.

ChromaGen® is a unique and proprietary system of tinted lenses that can either be embodied in a contact lens or worn as eyeglasses or Clip-Ons. The ChromaGen Lenses can be incorporated into any existing prescription. ChromaGen Lenses have an FDA Clearance and are patented protected through 2028.

ChromaGen is the only optical treatment option in the U.S. for people struggling with vision related reading problems that ChromaGen Lenses address. ChromaGen Vision estimates that 20% of the U.S. struggles with a vision related reading problem that ChromaGen Lenses can address.

The ChromaGen system was developed by British inventor Dr. David Harris, who was the recipient of the prestigious British Design Council Award as one of the best inventions of the 21st century.

Testimonials from Students and Parents 


Testimonials from Eye Doctors

The videos below show what words and numbers look like when they appear to move on the page.

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Words appear to move on the page when reading:


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Additional resources about Reading Problems

Prequalify Students with the ChromaGen Survey

Detailed Summary of Pilot Study

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