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Parent's Role in Child’s Willingness, Eagerness and Motivation To Succeed in School and Life
Gloria DeGaetano, founder-director of the Parent Coaching Institute and Dan Domenech, AASA executive, join The Balancing Act Parent Teacher Corner to discuss the critically important topic of helping parents insure academic success for their children. Watch the segment.

Buck Institute for Education - Dan on Lifetime

Project-Based Learning
John Mergendoller, executive director of the Buck Institute for Education, and Dan Domenech, AASA executive director, tell us how teachers can use “Project-Based Learning”, from kindergarten through high school, to foster school and life success. Watch the segment.

Dan on Lifetime Television Alpha Best

AlphaBest Education
Judy Nee, AlphaBest Education executive vice-president, and Dan Domenech, AASA executive director, discuss efforts nationwide to improve and expand after school education programs at elementary school levels. Watch the segment.


Dream School Challenge Contest
Dan Domenech is featured on special segment of the show about the Dream School Challenge, a national contest that will reward one school and district with $300,000 in educational prizes, including tablets, software, and digital arts programs. Watch the segment.


A Better Tomorrow for Autism
1 in every 88 children is diagnosed with autism. One of the biggest challenges for school districts around the country is teaching these very special students. Watch the segment.


People to People Student Ambassadors Programs
Dan Domenech and Angela McRae are actively preparing our students for a more competitive worldwide marketplace. Watch the segment. 

 Parent Teacher Corner: Keeping kids in school during the flu season-easy tips from experts
Hudson Garrett from Nice-Pak Products and Dan Domenech, AASA Executive Director, are talking about absenteeism caused by common colds and influenza. Watch the segment.
 iCore K-12 Instructional Solution
Tools for a 21st-century classroom that keeps kids engaged and teachers on the cutting-edge of technology. Watch the segment.

Preparing Students to Compete Globally
Kids today are obsessed with technology! Find out how to harness this fascination and use it in our school systems to provide better education. Dan Domenech discusses the endless possibilities and gearing up our kids for a successful future. Watch the segment.