AASA Supports Summer Nutrition Program Legislation

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AASA was pleased to support Senator Patty Murray’s (D-WA) latest legislative proposal, the Stop Child Summer Hunger Act. The bill proposes an expansion fo the already existing Summer Food Service program (SFSP), which works to provide meals to low-income shicldren suring the summer months. The current pilot runs in 14 sites across 10 states. This bill would make it nation wide. Eligible families would receive a pre-loaded EBT card that they can use to obtain food over the summer months. A family eligible for the free/reduced lunch program would be eligible for this summer program. The USDA Secretary will make the cards and any related information, such as details on who is eligible, how to enroll, and information on making more healthful food choices, available to schools, who will work to distribute the cards in a manner they see fit. AASA was pleased to work with Senator Murray’s office to ensure that the burden to schools in implementing a summer program was not unduly burdensome, and is pleased to support the final version of the bill, which reflects key revisions AASA pursued.

Check out the related infographic, as well as the official press release.


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