Educational Alliances

AASA is an active member of numerous coalitions and alliances organized to support public education.

Through these strategic alliances, AASA not only increases its visibility and access to key influencers and policymakers, but it is also leverages its membership in these key groups to promote AASA’s agenda and strong support for public education.  

Asia Society
AASA has partnered with the Asia Society to increase student international knowledge and skills in the Society’s Partnership for Global Learning. The Partnership for Global Learning is an Asia Society membership network that connects state and district decision makers, school leaders, teachers, university faculty and other stakeholders to increase the number of K-12 schools offering rigorous and relevant international studies curriculum and to increase the demand for investments in international education.

AASA is working with the Asia Society to promote the development of global education through conference sessions at the 2008 AASA Women in Leadership Conference, the 2009 AASA National Conference on Education and the 2009 AASA Summer Leadership Institute.

Committee for Education Funding
AASA is one of over 100 organizations that form a coalition to work toward the goal of achieving adequate federal funding for our nation’s education system.

Eastern States Consortium for Learning and School System Excellence
This new network, a part of the Network of Leadership Networks, helps member districts ensure that all of their students will graduate with the necessary skills to pursue a successful, fulfilling career. The members of this network were winners in AASA’s 2005 Superintendent of the Year Program.

Educational Research Service
AASA is one of the six founders of this organization that is dedicated to serving the research and information needs of education leaders and the public.

Learning First Alliance
The Learning First Alliance is a permanent partnership of 18 leading education organizations with more than 10 million members dedicated to improving student learning in America’s public schools.

National Rural Education Advocacy Coalition
AASA helped to found the NREAC to address the absence of rural voices in national education policy discussions. The coalition is comprised of state and national organizations that advocate on behalf of rural schools either at the state or national level.

Network of Leadership Networks
AASA is the convening organization for this professional learning network. It was developed to increase the effectiveness of each member organization by deepening school leaders' understanding of networks as a force for transforming public education.

Network of State Urban Networks
This public policy and legislative affairs network, a member of the Network of Leadership Networks, works at the federal level with the state-level network members to advise and advocate for positive, federal urban education policy.

Western States Benchmarking Consortium
The members of the Western States Benchmarking Consortium, a member of the Network of Leadership Networks, are the leaders of seven high-performing school districts that have been working together for many years to develop benchmarks for measuring student progress and to help one another by sharing successes and challenges.