SSC Partners

Through AASA’s School Solutions Center, superintendents can show the communities they serve how much they’re trying to save money and improve student performance.

AASA School Solutions Center companies help schools save money, raise money and improve student performance. Read company profiles to learn more. 


CHROMAGEN, new lens technology for students with reading problems, Company Profile


ECRA GROUP, research, analytics and accountability solutions, Company Profile

  FORCE MULTIPLIER SOLUTIONS, INC., worldwide leader in stop arm enforcement. Company Profile 
  FUSFOO MEDIA LLC, high school digital network, Company Profile
  GIBSON CONSULTING GROUP, INC., an education consulting and research group. Company Profile


HMS EMPLOYER SOLUTIONS, dependent healthcare eligibility audits, Company Profile


INFINITY SYSTEMS, uses the Orgametrics™ tool to help school districts identify and improve the degree of organizational alignment. Company Profile


JASON LEARNING, STEM education through exploration, Company Profile

 MILESTONE COMMUNICATIONS, wireless tower revenue for schoolsCompany Profile 


 NATIONAL JOINT POWERS ALLIANCE, contract purchasing solutions for schools, Company Profile

  ORGANIZATIONAL HEALTH DIAGNOSTIC AND DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION, cost-effective strategies for increasing leadership capacity for leaders and their teams, Company Profile


PENN MID-CAREER, Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership, Company Profile


PRECIOUSTATUS,  a mission-based, teacher-created engagement solution bringing safe, private, real-time engagement between parents, teachers and kids. Company Profile


QUANTUM LEARNING, transformative, school-wide professional development, Company Profile


READ TO THEM, One District, One Book program  for every family in all elementary schools, Company Profile


 SCHOOL LEADERS RISK MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION (SLRMA), focus on Federal legislation and litigation, Company Profile


 UPS, shipping, freight, logistics, and supply, Company Profile

VARSITY BRANDS, school athletic equipment, apparel, gear and more, Company Profile
, reduce risk and improve safety with the online school safety review platform, Company Profile

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