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AASA, The School Superintendents Association and National Joint Powers Alliance® (NJPA) have formed an exclusive, national partnership that provides public school districts access to more than 200 national competitively solicited contract purchasing solutions.

 NJPA will help K-12 schools better leverage national volume contract pricing on multiple areas of procurement to include school supplies, technology, maintenance supplies and equipment, furniture and facility construction projects.

 NJPA offers schools throughout the nation the best overall contract purchasing solutions and services available. NJPA has competitively solicited and awarded contracts on behalf of 50,000 members. Not only does this create volume benefits, but this also attracts solicitations from nationally acclaimed vendors. School districts can avoid duplicating the bid process by accessing NJPA's nationally awarded contract opportunities. Let NJPA introduce you to the simple, streamlined and cost-effective steps to contract purchasing.

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Broadnet is a technology innovator offering a complete communications solution that integrates phone, video conferencing, web and social media; enabling clients to effectively engage and understand their audience. Utilize Broadnet technology to connect with your entire district – parents, students, staff and alumni – with one phone call.

Engage with TeleForum, an efficient way to communicate, educate, and gather feedback about important issues, programs and initiatives. Broadnet’s technology is simple to use, and events require no set-up or software, merely a phone and internet connection. Participants are able to ask you questions directly and participate in live polls. Broadnet’s technology also allows school districts to send out urgent messages, reminders and notifications with automated broadcasts.

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CrisisGo is an emergency response network company with offices in in Sunnyvale, CA and St. Louis, MO. CrisisGo has developed a world-class, emergency communications platform that takes emergency response plans out of their three-ring binders and puts them on smartphones, iPads and desktops for immediate reference and use. CrisisGo is changing how school districts respond to crises by giving them the mobile communications tools necessary to ensure that teachers, staff and administrators know exactly what to do during any emergency and to allow them to continuously communicate as a crisis unfolds. 

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ECRA delivers the highest quality research, analytic, and accountability solutions to local school districts. The ECRA Group provides school systems research-based analytic solutions to meet the challenging needs of linking student performance to teacher and administrator evaluations, documenting return on investment for programs and interventions, and communicating system performance to stakeholders. The following solutions are provided as part of the ECRA-AASA agreement:

      • Value-Added Growth Models
      • Community Dashboards
      • 360 Degree Evaluations

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Force Multiplier Solutions, Inc. (FXS) is the premier school bus safety company specializing in providing the best possible video safety solution at absolutely no cost for the school district. FXS developed stop arm systems as a way to fund internal camera safety systems that children need on school buses. We provide all interior cameras, digital video recorder, and GPS services by using stop arm camera technology to identify cars passing school buses while the stop arm is extended and flashing. The revenue pays for the equipment, software and all maintenance costs for the duration of the contract. This usually results in a cost avoidance to the schools for cameras or GPS services they no longer need to pay for. There is also a revenue sharing arrangement that provides additional funding to school or community programs. FXS is the only company that will install their system on 100 percent of the schools district’s buses which has proven instrumental in deterring children from misbehavior on the bus but, also providing facts surrounding any incident that may occur.

The FXS stop arm technology has resulted in the issuance of over 200,000 traffic citations and, in one major metropolitan area, an overall 38 percent reduction of the incidence of violations over two years. FXS was the first company in the stop arm business, and is still the best.

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 Fusfoo Media LLC is a no-cost digital website that gives high schools a way to bring all of their media, from the school newspaper to the A/V club, onto a single platform. With oversight provided by the school, high schools will have the same level of control over content that exists today within their current media models.

Fusfoo gives today’s high school students a safe, bully-free, educational and engaging space for content to be created, curated, shared and consumed.  Each high school’s editorial and video content will be created by their students - for their students and available on the devices they live by.  Students can export their portfolio of work for college applications and internship and job interviews.

Participating high schools will become part of Fusfoo’s national high school network, where they can view and repost thoughtful, relevant and age appropriate content created by fellow schools and students across the country on their schools’ unique sites.  Fusfoo also creates opportunities for high schools to connect and stay connected with alumni and foster long-term support for school and district goals.

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Gibson Consulting Group, Inc. (Gibson) is an education research and consulting firm specializing in the K-12 educational market. Having worked in over 250 school systems in 27 states over the past 24 years, our firm delivers high-quality assistance to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, compliance, and impact of K-12 education at the state, regional, and school system levels. Gibson’s consultants provide high-quality services to school systems in the following areas: 

  • Research and Evaluation
  • Internal Audits and Financial Investigations
  • Management, Organizational, and Efficiency Analysis
  • Survey Research
  • Technology Consulting
  • Data Visualizations and Dashboards
  • Statistical and Methodological Support
  • Performance-Based Budgeting

Our diverse team of consultants includes certified public accountants, researchers with doctorate-level expertise, and other consultants with extensive management, technology, and research experience and skills. Gibson team members combine their diverse skillsets together, customizing each approach and project team to fit the needs of most any consulting or research effort for our educational clients. Ultimately, we target these efforts towards helping school systems improve outcomes for students.

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 The Good-Lite Company, a leading manufacturer of handheld vision testing and examination equipment, is proud to offer a new solution in EyeSpy 20/20, a 21st century vision screening software. This technology is designed to change lives through early detection of vision disorders and preventable blindness in school age children. 

A traditional vision screening costs between $10 and $15 per child, lacks standardization, relies heavily on human interruption, and does not provide automated data collection and reporting. The EyeSpy 20/20 vision screening program costs approximately $5 per child, standardizes the screening process, does not rely on human interpretation, and provides automated data collection and reporting.

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HBCU Today provides entire school districts, including educators, parents students, etc., with much-needed information on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), including their nationally recognized academic programs and the great diversity among their student bodies. In addition to the comprehensive HBCU Today digital resource guide on our nation's HBCUs, enrolled school districts give teachers the ability to access supplemental materials for use in the classroom; parents the ability to obtain vital information on the college application process and financial aid opportunities; and students the ability to find tools to help them be college, career, and life prepared.

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HMS Employer Solutions (formerly Chapman Kelly) has placed a significant focus on serving the unique needs of the educational community. Our Dependent Eligibility Audits, Medical Claim Audits, as well as verification services have saved clients over $1 billion. More than 2 million dependents have been verified through our dependent eligibility services, which makes HMS (formerly Chapman Kelly) one of the most qualified dependent verification providers in the industry.

HMS is the only dependent verification firm with products and experience across the entire range of employer sizes. Our health plan audits typically provide a one year return on investment between 500 percent and 1,500 percent for districts with over 200 employees; AASA members are guaranteed a positive ROI. Columbus Public Schools in Ohio saved ~$1.5M in one year and the savings will continue year after year. 

Learn more: The ABC's of Employee Health Plan Cost Containment.

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Infinity Systems uses the Orgametrics™  tool to help school districts identify and improve the degree of organizational alignment. Orgametrics™ is a proprietary survey tool that provides your school district with a numerical score to quantify the degree of alignment to your vision, mission or strategic plan. The higher the Orgametrics™ Score, the greater control leaders have over critical success factors, which leads to improved performance. 

 Orgametrics™ captures data in real-time to detect misalignment and its key drivers at all levels within the district. The results are conveyed by location, position and other specific demographic dimensions, providing you with detailed analysis to support a data-driven strategy for your district. Why is alignment important? Watch the YouTube video [1:01] here.

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The JASON Project is a non-profit organization that connects students to real science and exploration to inspire and motivate them to study and pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields.

We embed the exciting STEM professionals and cutting-edge research of our partners into award-winning online and print core curricula, adaptable resources, live interactive events and professional development. In addition to our standards-aligned educational resources such as videos, articles with read-to-me functionality, games, and hands-on labs; JASON also offers a wealth of teacher resources including online lesson plans, assessments, classroom management and more.

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 Milestone Communications

Founded in 2000, Milestone Communications is the leading developer of wireless towers in partnership with school and government landowners, enabling them to direct millions of dollars annually to educational and extracurricular budgets.

Milestone Communications, Inc. is a Virginia-based firm with over 15 years of experience partnering with schools in siting wireless towers to provide local communities high-speed, wireless, broadband communication. Milestone currently operates in 50 cities, towns and school districts throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Milestone’s business model is unique in the wireless tower industry in that it is designed specifically to create public/private partnerships with schools so they can financially benefit from the revenues generated by the placement and operation of local wireless towers. School properties are preferred sites for bringing wireless coverage to communities because they are centrally located, have enough space to reduce the visual impact of towers on surrounding neighborhoods and have more amenable zoning for tower placement.

Given the public nature of such partnerships, Milestone is committed to high standards of safety, legal and regulatory compliance and a development process that far exceeds regulatory standards for communication and transparency.

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Quantum Learning

How important is teacher effectiveness when we want kids to learn?
Fact: If a student has an ineffective teacher for 3 years in a row, they will never catch up. (TVAA)

How does teacher effectiveness impact school administrators’ daily lives?
Fact: Teacher effectiveness speaks directly to the quality of education in a district. Teacher effectiveness and quality of education attract more students, which establish the spirit of a community, the reputation, as well as the budget of a school district. A well-budgeted school district has more capacity to support and advance students into an ever complex, highly competitive, technology-driven world.

Teacher effectiveness affects everyone in a community. Oftentimes, it is the difference between student success and student failure. Assessing teachers is only one part of a total equation. Teachers need support, too, along with continued opportunities for training and learning.

Quantum Learning connects administrators, teachers and students together with results in student engagement, higher attendance and more positive cultures through our school-community approach.

Quantum Learning Network (QLN) has recently joined AASA and NAESP in a collaborative effort to achieve student success through their Alliance for Education Leaders, with West Coast offices at the QLN Campus in Oceanside, CA. This location hosts activities that support superintendents in the myriad of challenges and opportunities they face.

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The School Leaders Risk Management Association (SLRMA) supports public school districts (K-12) in the management of school board legal liability so they can focus on providing high quality public education for all students. By issuing case summaries, self-audits and legal compliance checklists, SLRMA helps schools prevent unwanted and unwarranted school board legal liability claims which frees schools to ensure the children they serve reach their fullest potential .

The School Leaders Risk Management Association (SLRMA) is a not for profit corporation whose members consist of public school districts (K-12). SLRMA collects, analyzes and disseminates risk management tools to help its members prevent unwanted and unwarranted school board legal liability claims. Without the distraction of such claims, SLRMA empowers schools to focus on providing superior education to their students. SLRMA’s timely case law summaries and self-audit checklists provide easy to use risk management tools allowing members to remain focused on educating the leaders of tomorrow.

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Ever wonder what it would be like to simplify shipping in schools?

From pencils to iPads, just about everything has to be shipped in and out of schools. And schools are paying more than their fair share of the cost. UPS has created a program just for schools, large and small, that help balance deadlines with budgets and proactively manage transportation costs. Schools get more control with greater efficiencies, transparencies, and savings.

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