The Professional Development Toolkit Helps Schools Build a Data-Rich Environment

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“Changing the conversation to engaged student learning instead of teaching is a powerful thing.”-- WANDA SHELTON, DIRECTOR OF SCHOOLS, LINCOLN COUNTY, TENN., DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION    

The Closing the Gap Professional Development Toolkit provides educators with a curricular plan for using educational data to strengthen instructional practice and improve student achievement. The Toolkit offers a cadre of professional development resources designed for district and school leaders to facilitate their training of other district and school leaders. It can be implemented as a district, school, team or individual initiative with customization for each type of professional development.


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UPDATE: The following companion resources cited in theToolkit are no longer available:   

  • SIS/LMS Industry Overview Report   
  • Vendor Product Functionality Chart   
  • SIS Vendor Product Summaries and LMS Vendor Product Summaries and .   
  • SIS Vendor Product Detail and LMS Vendor Product Detail  
  •  Writtern case studies to augment the district case study videos    
If you have questions about the Closing the Gap program resources, contact Vera Turner, AASA Project Manager; email:; phone: 703-875-0710703-875-0710.