District Case Studies Present Real‑World Experiences

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Selected school districts from across the country that are using data to shape classroom practice and foster student success participated in comprehensive case studies as part of the Closing the Gap: Turning Data Into Action program. Video exemplars allow educators to learn about the districts’ successes and lessons learned in implementing SIS and LMS solutions, and to replicate successful data initiatives by learning best practices for using data. 



Commitment to a Long-Term Investment in Data Proves Successful 

Fairfax County Public Schools' 11-year commitment to creating a data-driven environment is reaping benefits for the school district. Now, teachers, parents and students can easily access performance data that helps facilitate key discussions about each student's academic achievement. Watch video.  

 “The data facilitate conversations between teaching teams and students and teachers. The power is in those rich conversations that come out around the data.” -- ARON STERLING, eCART MANAGER, FAIRFAX COUNTY, VA., PUBLIC SCHOOLS



SIS Implementation Includes Planning for Data Analysis for Instruction 

In the Katy, Texas, school district, teachers are proactively using data in more efficient and effective ways through the use of a new integrated SIS. School districts can learn from Katy’s essential steps to successfully deploy their own solution selection and implementation project. Watch video


A Common Vision for Lifelong Learning and Collaboration Drives Classroom Data Use 

With an SIS in place since 2008, the Henry County Schools had little trouble collecting data, but moved to meet the challenge of getting information into the hands of teachers. A partnership between IT and school leaders is making this vision of using data in the classroom a reality. Watch video.

 “I love having access to the information because it helps me keep tabs on myself. It gives me a sense of responsibility.”--BRIANA WILLIS, EIGHTH GRADER, HENRY COUNTY, GA., SCHOOLS


   If you have questions about the Closing the Gap program resources, contact Vera Turner, AASA Project Manager; email: vturner@aasa.org; phone: 703-875-0710703-875-0710.