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"It is important to not just look at data in isolation. We use a holistic approach that looks at our policies and practices through a critical lens to ensure that they meet the needs of all of our students.”--ROBYN DURAN, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF EQUITY AND EXCELLENCE, CHERRY CREEK SCHOOLS, GREENWOOD VILLAGE, COLO.

Choosing and implementing a student information system or learning management system can be complicated and requires districts to make a significant investment of time, money and human resources. Schools and districts can use the trend data from national education and technology studies conducted by Gartner Inc. to make better decisions.

Education Community Attitudes Toward SIS/LMS Solutions

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The report presents key findings and recommendations from a national study on the attitudes of education and technology leaders toward using data to improve classroom practice and student learning.  

Education Community Attitudes Toward SIS and LMS Solutions

 Implementation and Selection Approaches Toward SIS/LMS Solutions


The reportpresents key findings and recommendations from a national study on the practices used by education and technology leaders in the selection and implementation of data systems.    

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