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selection and implementation templates

“Our mission is to provide unparalleled learning experiences for our students. We can’t create those learning experiences without data.”--CHRISTINE CASKEY, CHIEF ACADEMIC OFFICER, KATY, TEXAS, INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT  

Schools and districts need to set goals for the collection, use and storage of data, and then decide which of a growing array of solutions meets their needs. The Selection and Implementation Templates provide a comprehensive guide to planning for, purchasing and implementing a data system and establishing a data-rich culture. These resources help districts identify and prioritize their data needs, engage stakeholders, and manage and keep the project on track and on budget. Sample templates developed by Gartner Inc. help simplify the process.


  Project Charter Template — provides guidance on preparing for a data initiative launch. Areas covered include the project scope, objectives and participants associated with the initiative.

   CTG Project Charter Template

   Appendix - Estimated Project Costs Template  


roles and responsibilities

Project Roles And Responsibilities— outlines key tasks of primary stakeholders and project team members engaged in the process of choosing and implementing a student information system or learning management system solution.

   CTG Project Roles And Responsibilities



Goals Workshop Template— leads districts through the process of defining goals and objectives for the project.

   CTG Goals Workshop Template



Stakeholder Engagement And Communications Planning Guide— describes best practices for change management and strategies for effective communication with stakeholders.

   CTG Stakeholder Engagement And Communications Planning Guide


data collection

Instructional Data Collection And Use Plan— helps districts identify data needs and sources, and shows how the data will be used to inform district decisions at the classroom, school and district levels.

CTG Instructional Data Collection And Use Plan


professional development

Guide To Professional Development & Training Planning— includes key professional development and training components for educators to consider when creating professional development programs; there is also a training budget checklist.

   CTG Guide To Professional Development & Training Planning


Dollar sign

Implementation Cost Planning Guide— offers guidance on cost components that are critical when developing budget estimates for SIS or LMS implementation initiatives. The guide includes a project cost template.

   CTG Implementation Cost Planning Guide

   Appendix - Estimated Project Costs Template



Project Milestones And Timeline Guide— describes critical tasks to include in the project plan and schedule and includes detailed steps for initiating, planning and executing the project.

   CTG Project Milestones And Timeline Guide


readiness planner

Readiness Activity Planner  — includes a checklist to help ensure that critical success factors are addressed. The focus is on sponsorship, alignment with district strategic goals, readiness of teachers and other stakeholders to use data to inform instruction, cost, and technology factors.

   CTG Readiness Activity Planner


 If you have questions about the Closing the Gap program resources, contact Vera Turner, AASA Project Manager; email:; phone: 703-875-0710 703-875-0710.