AASA Women In School Leadership Initiative

More Than a Power Lunch: Building Networks to Support and Advance Women in School Leadership

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 SA June 17  FEATURE STORY:  School Administrator Magazine, June 2017 Issue

  • Moving Women Up the District Ladder - (AASA's LeadershipConsortium guides career pathways that may lead to the top jobs)
  • An Obligation to Share Tactics and Tools (A Mentor's Perspective)
  • Confidence on My Journey to the Superintendency (A Mentee's Perspective)
  • AASA Consortium Connects Mentors and Mentees

          Articles:Download Feature Story (PDF)


WEBINAR: More Than a Power Lunch 

Lessons Learned and Recommended Strategies for Overcoming Barriers

The AASA National Women's Leadership Consortium think tank provides an update on the initiative, shares key findings and discusses the implications of the work for women who are aspiring to top leadership positions in school districts.

Download Presentation (PDF)


 NCE Logo 3  NCE 2017: WORKSHOP

More Than A Power Lunch Workshop: Connecting  Learning To Practice
Hear the success stories of women superintendents who have made it to the top leadership positions in education and the aspiring women leaders they mentor. Participants gain insights into the challenges women face when seeking to advance in their career and how to overcome them; learn how to use mentoring effectively to achieve career goals; and get tips on how to leverage networks for support and career advancement. 

  Presentation: More Than a Power Lunch Workshop (PDF)
  Handout:  AASA Women’s Initiative Leadership Flyer (PDF)



 More Than A Power Lunch: Building Networks To Support and Advance Women in School Leadership
The AASA National Women’s Leadership Consortium think tank provides an update on the initiative and engages attendees in a thought-provoking conversation about the implications of the work for women in school leadership. Hear about the critical issues women face when seeking top leadership positions in school districts, and learn how male and female mentors can play a critical role in their leadership development.

  Presentation:   More Than a Power Lunch Thought Leaders Session (PDF)
  Handout: AASA Women’s Initiative Leadership Flyer (PDF)


This initiative is made possible by the generous support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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Staff Contact: Vera Turner, AASA Project Manager, Women in School Leadership Initiative; Email: vturner@aasa.org; Phone: 703-875-0710703-875-0710