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AASA selected CrisisGo as a School Solutions partner to provide school districts, administrators, teachers, and parents an emergency communications platform that takes emergency response plans out of their three-ring binders and puts them on smartphones, iPads and desktops for immediate reference and use. CrisisGo is changing how school districts respond to crises by giving them the mobile communications tools necessary to ensure that teachers, staff and administrators know exactly what to do during any emergency and to allow them to continuously communicate as a crisis unfolds.

Free Offer to AASA Members

Recognizing the increased threats and safety needs facing public schools, AASA, the School Superintendents Association and CrisisGo, Inc. have teamed up to offer all school districts nationwide a FREE and easy-to-use mobile emergency communications technology that can make schools safer.

Through this exclusive ASSA partnership, school districts can now offer their employees, teachers and parent community the CrisisGo mobile app with the Panic Button and emergency notifications features activated at no cost for a three-year period. 

With the CrisisGo mobile communications app on their smartphones; school administrators. teachers and school staff will be able to use these key features of the CrisisGo platform at no cost:

  • The CrisisGo panic button feature to report emergency incidents immediately to school administration and the school safety team.
  • The CrisisGo notifications feature, will give school communities powerful real time communications to keep school communities informed in an emergency, when every second counts.  

To be eligible for this free program, School Districts must register with CrisisGo at before January 31, 2017.  Each participating school will have access to a district and school site(s) FREE account that includes the CrisisGo mobile app with the Panic Button and group notification features activated for a three-year period at no cost for all school site employees and their parent communities. 

Watch the following video to learn more about CrisisGo.


Learn more

To learn more about the CrisisGo emergency mobile communications platform and how it can help school administrators manage and communicate crisis situations, visit the CrisisGo website at: