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 Focus Areas: Equity and Systems Change

AASA’s Children’s Programs Department is centered on work that drives systems change and increases educational equity. We are committed to equity in educational opportunities and outcomes, reducing racial disparities, and aiding and assisting those children most in-need. Our work supports superintendents and school system leaders to drive meaningful systems change at the district-level by improving and redesigning the policies, practices, and structures in education.

Strategy: Air and Ground Campaign

AASA’s Children’s Programs department employs a coordinated two-pronged strategy to catalyze change, our "Air and Ground Campaign." The Ground Campaign includes direct, intensive, on-the-ground interventions and technical assistance with a select number of districts in each of our Levers for Change. The Air Campaign is our robust, multi-faceted communication strategy that raises awareness, shares lessons learned, and promotes best practices to education leaders across the country.

Levers for Change: 

We are currently engaged in Air and Ground Campaigns that drive systems change to increase equity in the following areas:

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