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Excellence in Leadership in our Nations Public schools
has never been more vital to our children's success than it is today.

The AASA Leadership Network is THE place for
  aspiring, early career and veteran superintendent
  to develop the dispositions, skills, knowledge and professional networks
  they need to become the excellent leaders our children and our nation, deserves.     

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IMPACT: Individual, District, Global

AASA’s Leadership Network facilitates programs that actively innovate in public school classrooms in ways that make a direct impact on districts. Collectively, INNOVATE programs drive improvement in public education overall by combining promising practices with proven strategies and by gathering like-minded superintendents and other district leaders to examine problems of practice together.



IMPACT: Individual, District

AASA’s Leadership Network proactively partners with experienced and knowledgeable superintendents to become mentors for district leaders throughout their leadership journey. COLLABORATE programs work with superintendents, district leaders, government organizations and institutions of higher education to develop custom initiatives to meet critical needs, drive change and innovation, produce published research, and better meet student needs.

To become a mentor, develop a custom initiative or to learn more, contact Mort Sherman at   msherman@aasa.org.  

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