Frequently Asked Questions

about the AASA Publications Review Board

What is the purpose of the AASA Publications Review Board?
The AASA Publications Review Board evaluates book proposals and book manuscripts submitted to AASA for possible publication.

What sorts of books does AASA seek to publish?
AASA seeks to publish high-quality books that provide important, engaging and cutting-edge information related to education, leadership and educational administration. AASA is particularly interested in books with a scope and subject matter tied to AASA’s mission, which is to support and develop effective school system leaders who are dedicated to the highest quality public education for all children. For more information, see the AASA Book Proposal Guidelines.

How often will Board members be asked to evaluate a book proposal or manuscript?
Members of the AASA Publications Review Board will be asked to review no more than three book proposals or manuscripts per year.

How does the evaluation process work?

  1. When AASA receives a manuscript, an AASA staff member e-mails several members of the AASA Publications Review Board to ask they are available to evaluate the manuscript within four weeks.
  2. If a member is available, he or she will receive a copy of the manuscript, along with an evaluation form to guide their review.
  3. Upon completing the evaluation form, the member will return the form to AASA by email, fax or mail by the agreed upon deadline.
  4. The Board members who participated in the evaluation will be given the opportunity to review and, if needed, discuss each others’ evaluations.
  5. Based on the Board’s assessment, AASA will make a determination regarding whether or not to approach a publishing partner about co-publishing the manuscript as a book.

How much time do Board members have to complete an evaluation?
Board members will be asked to complete and return the evaluation form within four weeks. Board members are expected to decline the invitation to participate in an evaluation if they will not be able to meet the deadline.

How long are Board members’ terms of service?
Members of the AASA Publications Review Board serve a three-year term.

Who should I contact at AASA if I have questions about the Publications Review Board or if I'd like to join the Board?
James Minichello, communications & media relations, 703-875-0723,