The Cycle of Evaluation


This is the timeline followed by the board of education in the Fitzgerald Public Schools to evaluate its superintendent annually:

JULY: Superintendent develops new strategic formative goals.

AUGUST: Superintendent submits formative goals to the board.

DECEMBER: Superintendent shares with the board a midyear progress report on formative goals.

FEBRUARY: Board reviews evaluation instrument, cycle and timelines. Superintendent completes self-evaluation and final summary of formative goals for the board.

MARCH: Board completes summative evaluation instrument. Board chair compiles all scores to derive the performance rating. Results are discussed with the entire board.

APRIL: Board chair and vice chair, or the board as a whole, meet with the superintendent in a post-evaluation conference. To finalize the evaluation, board reports the compiled performance ratings in a public meeting.

MAY: Board grants the performance pay for the following year and possible contract extension.

JUNE: Superintendent reviews school improvement plan evaluations with the board.