Questions to Guide RTI’s Use

Our approach for developing a response to intervention framework at the Heartland Area Education Agency in Iowa is based on 10 related questions.

These questions are drawn from the National Association of State Directors of Special Education’s publication “Response to Intervention Blueprint for Implementation” (available at The principles of the framework are embedded within the questions, so school leadership teams that work through the questions with rigor will in fact be implementing RTI.

1. Is our core program sufficient?

2. If the core program is not sufficient, what led to this?

3. How will the needs identified in the core program be addressed?

4. How will the sufficiency and effectiveness of the core program be monitored over time?

5. Have improvements to the core program been effective?

6. For which students is the core instruction sufficient or not sufficient? Why or why not?

7. What specific supplemental and intensive instruction is needed?

8. How will specific supplemental and intensive instruction be delivered?

9. How will the effectiveness of supplemental and intensive instruction be monitored?

10. How will you determine which students need to move to a different level of instruction?

—David Tilly