Book Review

Effective School Interventions

Evidence-Based Strategies for Improving Student Outcomes

by Natalie Rathvon, Guilford Publications, New York, 2008, 460 pp. with index, $46 hardcover

To address the changing federal requirements for the use of research-based strategies for interventions and remediation, Natalie Rathvon revised her earlier edition of this book. In the second edition of Effective School Interventions, Rathvon discusses the challenges facing educators to address the needs of a diverse population.

Effective School Interventions

The first part of the book deals with the growing pressure on schools and how to select and implement appropriate interventions based on individual and group needs. Then, in the second part of the book, she references 70 interventions covering classroom management, academic performance and student behavior.

The implementation strategies are presented in a clear and logical manner to assist teachers at all experience and grade levels. Administrators concerned with improving teacher performance in meeting the needs of the most challenging students will find this a valuable resource.

The book uses a lesson-plan-like format to describe the intervention and implementation process. The inclusion of a detailed table of contents, cross references, key concepts and an appendix at the end of each section helps the reader locate appropriate strategies.

The amount of information presented by Rathvon, as assistant clinical professor of psychology at George Washington University, is extensive but extremely user-friendly. While this would be a tedious book to read from cover to cover, using the interventions on an as-needed basis makes this a valuable tool for administrative libraries.

Reviewed by Edythe B. Austermuhl, superintendent, Deerfield Township School, Rosenhayn, N.J.