Book Reviews

Hiring and Keeping the Best People

by William J. Leary, Professor, Ross College of Education, Lynn University, Boca Raton, FL

However, Richard Luecke, the author of several books in the Harvard Business Essentials series, who collaborated on this work with Peter Cappelli, the G.W. Taylor Professor of Management at the Wharton School, has produced a book about hiring and retaining staff that many school leaders will find valuable.

For example, during the hiring process, the authors counsel the interviewer to spend more time listening than talking. Useful questions to ask in an interview deal with self-appraisal and comparisons because they “reveal a candidate’s analytical and reasoning abilities.” Questions to avoid, some of which are illegal, deal with a candidate’s citizenship, sexual orientation and age.

The authors suggest certain signs an employee might send indicating dissatisfaction with the job. These indicators might include a decline in performance, tardiness and talk about burnout—all of which are a warning to the administrator that he or she should immediately arrange a meeting with the staff member to address the causes of dissatisfaction.

Hiring and keeping the best people for the job is an essential element of administration. This book provides a basic road map on how to do that.

(Hiring and Keeping the Best People, by Richard Luecke, Harvard Business School Press, Boston, Mass., 2002, 170 pp. with index, $19.95 softcover. Available from