The School Administrator


February 2009 Number 2 Vol. 66Rethinking IntelligenceSternberg and Gardner on cultivating enterprising minds



    Committed to Individual Worth by Jay P. Goldman

    Len Rezmierski, superintendent in Northville, Mich., is at an age when most colleagues have called it a career, but he insists he still has more to learn in his drive to prize the individual’s merits.

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    Punchback: Answering Critics

    The Myopia of Testing Basic Skills Alone by Richard Rothstein

    The Economic Policy Institute fellow recalls when the National Assessment of Educational Progress once measured performance in the broad range of knowledge and skills we want students to master today.

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    Board-Savvy Superintendent

    Top 10 ‘Guarantees’ for a Great Relationship by Donald R. McAdams

    Our school governance columnist starts at the bottom and works his way up the line to identify 10 things superintendents can do to almost guarantee wonderful working relationships with their boards of education.

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    Guest Columns

    Whatever Happened to My Job Description? by John A. Whritner

    After 26 years as a superintendent, the author figured he knew the business pretty well. But now in early retirement, he wonders whether someone rewrote the job description when he wasn’t looking.

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    Superintendent Gets Taken for a Ride by Marilou Ryder

    To get the “real straight facts” about apparent troubles with student transportation, the superintendent accepted a novel challenge — ride one of the buses for a 60-minute, 45-mile trip from a high school campus at the end of the school day.

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    Hailing Mr. Wizard: My Connection With Students Through Science by Nic Clement

    Fearing his leap to the superintendency after 26 years as a teacher and building administrator would lead to the severe “disconnect syndrome,” the author created a weekly science challenge that he administers every Monday to his school district’s 5th and 6th graders.

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    A Superintendent’s Vote for MVP: The Secretary by Sandra Tonnsen and Kay Barr

    Each spring superintendents make florists extremely happy as they order flowers for their secretaries. Or they should.

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    President’s Corner

    Dear Mr. President … by Randall H. Collins

    Seldom does a chance come along when, for a brief and shining moment, anything seems possible. We are in that place now as a nation.

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    Executive Perspective

    An Alliance Model for Boosting Our Youth by Daniel A. Domenech

    When America’s Promise, chaired by Colin Powell, cited the 100 communities that best supported young people, the group recognized a collaborative model that works for local school systems. For too long, educators have felt alone in solving problems confronting our youth.

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    Systems Thinking

    A Balanced Scorecard To Plot Our Progress by Roy D. Nichols Jr.

    To keep its momentum going in an environment of decreasing revenue and increasing expectations from stakeholders, the Mobile County, Ala., school system borrowed an idea from the corporate world that links current actions of an organization to long-term goals.

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    Recent appointments and retirements in the superintendency and three death notices. The Sidelight features Melindo (Mel) Persi and his lifelong pursuit of stock car racing.

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