The School Administrator

May 07 Cover

May 2007 Number 5, Vol. 64Personal TechnologySuperintendents ride a wave of devices to leverage leadership



    To Reach Summit, Start Early and Move Fast by Jay P. Goldman

    The 2007 National Superintendent of the Year, Krista Parent, has brought positive vibes to the school system in rural Cottage Grove, Ore., where she has spent the entirety of her education career.

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    Board-Savvy Superintendent

    The Pandora’s Box of Collaborative Hiring by Doug Eadie

    Would a savvy superintendent invite school board members to participate in interviewing candidates for executive-level positions that report to the superintendent? Our columnist has a firm more

    Connecting Districts and Colleges Collaboratively by Catherine L. Tannahill

    When K-12 educators and university faculty work on joint projects, the needs, expectations and processes may differ sharply because of community expectations and legal more

    Recruiting Out-of-State Teachers by James R. Polzin

    When it comes to recruiting staff from other locations, it’s not just a matter of selling your school district. It’s about building trust and reassuring candidates they can be successful teachers in an unfamiliar more
    Guest Column

    The ABCs of Stress by Tom Krause

    Asked to deliver a commencement address for a neighboring school district, the author devised some helpful ideas on coping with more


    The latest set of appointments and retirements in the school system leadership ranks around the nation. The Sidelight shines on a wood-carving superintendent in Paw Paw, Mich., Mark more
    Tech Leadership

    Everyone’s Going Wireless, So Why Aren’t We? by Robert J. Gravina

    To ease overburdened computer labs and give better mobility to teachers and administrators, school districts are figuring how best to integrate a wireless solution into their network more
    President's Corner

    The Challenge of Urban Leadership by Eugene G. White

    Commission reports and think tank studies on the pressures and politics of urban school leadership don’t do justice to the subject. Only when you walk in the shoes of an urban school executive can you truly appreciate what the challenges amount more
    Executiver Perspective

    Building Villages by Creating Character by Paul D. Houston

    America would be better served if we greeted one another they way they do on the streets in Kenya, where the Masai ask, “How are the children?”read more
    Federal Dateline

    The Power of Combined Grassroots by Mary Kusler

    Funding successes for education and other domestic issues during the last session of Congress would not have been possible without pressure from health care advocates from across the more