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Oct 06 Cover

October 2006 Number 9, Vol. 63Religion in the SchoolhouseCharles Haynes on managing the church-state divide


  • From Battleground to Common Ground

    by Charles C. Haynes

    A senior scholar from the Freedom Forum First Amendment Center sums up his key advice for preventing church-state conflicts from erupting in a school district this way: “The time to buy the fire truck is before the fire.”

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  • Caught in the Middle

    by Kate Beem

    When debates over the proper role of religion inside public schools turns nasty, it’s usually the superintendent who bears much of the brunt of the unrest.

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  • Governing With the Christian Right

    by Melissa M. Deckman

    Does a religious conservative majority on the board of education bring excessive entanglement over matters of faith? The author recently studied this question in a Maryland school district.

    Similar Reading: A National Portrait of Religious Conservative Candidates

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  • Religion’s Legal Place in the Schoolhouse

    by Colby M. May

    An attorney with the conservative American Center for Law and Justice addresses some of the most common questions and misconceptions regarding religious expression in the public schools.

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  • Sorting Out Beliefs in a Job Search

    by Terre Davis

    To what degree do superintendent search consultants have a role to play in ensuring an appropriate fit between candidates’ religious affiliations and the school board’s views on matters of church and state?

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    A Chance Taker in a Fluid World by Paul Riede

    Katie Brochu applies enthusiasm and drive to head a Georgia school system experiencing a population boom.

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    Board-Savvy Superintendent

    Televising Board Proceedings by Robert K. Gillmer Jr.

    A communications coordinator for a suburban school district shares his experiences with cablecasts of school board meetings and discusses the merits of live versus taped more

    Four Strategies for Competing in the Recruiting Arena by Thomas P. Keating

    A teacher recruiter in Bibb County, Ga., describes his set of effective practices, starting with the formulation of a recruitment more
    Guest Column

    Driving Character Through Policy and Practice by Henry A. Huffman

    Pop culture teaches students that morality has run amuck, giving schools a singular role in countering these forces, according to the former director of the Character Education more


    The monthly listing of who’s moving on and who’s retiring from the superintendency across the nation. The Sidelight shines on an Iowa superintendent who spends his Saturdays in a zebra more
    Tech Leadership

    Blocking ‘MySpace’ From Your Space by Robert W. Ashmore

    You can prevent access to social networking sites on the Internet you consider harmful to students while also demonstrating restraint in your actions and more
    President's Corner

    The Absence of Daily Prayer by Eugene G. White

    AASA’s president doesn’t remember any room for diversity or religious tolerance during daily prayer time in his earlier school experience. He wonders aloud: Was the quality of education really affected by the daily school prayer?read more
    Executive Perspective

    The House of the Rising Sun by Paul D. Houston

    The 2007 National Conference on Education in New Orleans will give AASA members a chance to tell the nation on how far rebuilding has more
    Systems Thinking

    Bureaucracies and Learning Organizations by Phillip C. Schlechty

    School leaders generally are most attentive to the social systems behind bureaucratic life in a school district rather than those systems that promote more