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January 2006 Number 1, Vol. 63Intelligent RedesignReframing the thinking about high schools


  • Intelligent Redesign

    by Paul D. Houston

    AASA’s executive director elaborates on why he sees a pressing need to reframe the discussion about high school reform. And instead of reinventing schools, he asks, why not learn from the vibrant ones that are working?

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  • The Trouble With High School

    by Leon Botstein

    Designed to accommodate large children, not young adults, today’s high schools need to find ways to refocus the inquisitiveness and the energies of students, in the view of the president of Bard College. He points to one model that his own institution has created for bright adolescents.

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  • Reforming Education Reform

    by Monte Moses

    If college is the answer for all high school students, what are the questions? The 2005 National Superintendent of the Year says reform ideas, however competent and well intentioned, will be unsuccessful if everyone involved hasn’t evaluated all the variables and all operations don’t emanate from the same blueprint.

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  • College Readiness for All

    by Donald A. Phillips and Kevin Skelly

    The leadership of the Poway, Calif., schools recognizes that preparing all students to be ready for college is an enormous challenge, particularly in an economically and demographically diverse community. They describe six implications that stem from that commitment. Also: Michael Riley on a district where everyone’s on the advanced track; and additional resources.

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  • High Challenge, High Support

    by Tom Vander Ark

    The chief educator with the Gates Foundation has a prescription for better high school health: Combine two promising strategies—a core curriculum and a common design for district-managed schools as well as innovative, semi-autonomous schools of choice. Also: Additional resources.

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  • Ready for College and Career

    by Gary Hochlander

    No longer a second-class citizen, vocational education contributes deeper learning while raising job prospects. What are the distinguishing features of these new programs in career and technical education and what do high schools need to consider when implementing these challenging programs? Also: William H. Adams on career academies as the best examples of applied learning.

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    JOSEPH L. WOOD: A ‘Tough-Love Professional’ With Plenty To Share by Jay P. Goldman

    A mentor to many first-time superintendents over his own long tenure in school system leadership, Joseph L. Wood of South Windsor, Conn., has plenty of “tough-love” professional advice to dispense.

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    Board-Savvy Superintendent

    Administrative Support for Board Members by Donald. R. McAdams

    Effective support services can help retain community leaders on the local school board while enhancing the professionalism of the governance more

    Starting, But Then Maintaining, a Worthwhile Collaboration by F. James Hoffmann

    Successful school-business partnerships require school leaders to understand how to approach corporate leaders and to maintain good relations once more

    In Search of Legendary Teachers by Nicholas I. Clement

    A superintendent has made his highest priority the recruitment, selection and retention of teachers who will be recalled by former students for the significant impact on their own more
    Guest Columns

    Wartime and Schooling by Dorothy Rich

    Recalling how World War II brought young people together and provided instructional opportunities for teachers, the founder of the Home and School Institute believes educators should use the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to broaden student more


    Lots of appointments and a few retirements of school system leaders in the latest compilation of AASA members’ professional more
    Tech Leadership

    Open Technologies in K-12 Education by Jim Hirsch

    School districts can’t afford to spend their shrinking dollars on proprietary software licensing without considering open-source more
    President's Corner

    A Nation of Displaced Students by David E. Gee

    AASA’s president relays what the association has done to support education leaders affected by the Gulf Coast hurricanes while reminding policymakers of the promises to more
    Executive Perspective

    On the Penguin March Through Life by Paul D. Houston

    AASA’s executive director draws parallels, serious and light-hearted, between the dilemmas of penguins in Antarctica and those of school more
    Systems Thinking

    The Leader's Role in Reaching Universal Success for All by Claudia Mansfield Sutton

    The debut of a bi-monthly column on the work of school leaders as viewed through a systems more