The School Solutions Center is a valuable resource for AASA members looking to save money, improve classroom environments, increase student achievement and provide an overall benefit to their employees. AASA has used most of these vendors either for our own employees or in our day-to-day operations.

While AASA recognizes these companies, we encourage all districts to research for themselves in advance of purchase to ensure it is a right fit for them. By doing business with these companies, you acknowledge this and agree to not hold AASA liable for any misrepresentations of products/services offered by these companies.

School Solutions Center Partners

*AASA is not responsible for any product or service provided by any company or entity listed as an AASA School Solution company. While AASA does receive a fee to list a company, AASA has no ownership relationship with any listed School Solution company. AASA carefully reviews and monitors a School Solution company’s reputation and soundness. AASA does not warrant or specifically endorse any School Solution product or service. AASA shall have no liability or responsibility for any damages, payments, fees, costs or expenses of any kind resulting from or due to a School Solutions listed product or service.

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If you have any questions or need more information, please contact: Tara Gao at 571-721-9585 or e-mail