Sequestration Ally: Non-Defense Discretionary (NDD) Coalition

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As part of AASA's advocacy against sequestration, we partner with our friends at the Committee for Education Funding (CEF) who have, in turned, partnered with other coalitions representing the non-defense discretionary portions of the federal budget. Collectively, the NDD portions have already absorbed more than $1 trillion in state, local and federal cuts during the recession, cuts that would be made even deeper should the sequester become a reality.

NDD programs are core functions of government and provide for the benefit of all. Examples of NDD programs include medical research, public health, education and more.

AASA was happy to sign on to the NDD's recent letter to Congress, which compiled more than 3,000 organizations at the local, state and federal levels, urging for a balanced approach to deficit reduction.

You can access the full suite of NDD sequestration resources on their website. I've pulled a few to feature here:

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