AASA FY15 Budget Response and Analysis

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AASA Executive Director Dan Domenech issued the following statement in response to President Obama’s FY15 budget proposal. His statement is accompanied by AASA’s detailed analysis of the proposal:

"AASA applauds President Obama’s budget for prioritizing education in an otherwise austere budget year. His budget priorities correctly reflect that investment in education is one of the best ways to build our future workforce and secure economic growth and stability. Outside of the sheer investment in education, however, we remain deeply troubled with the specific funding priorities and how the FY15 budget proposal falls far short of providing access and equity to not only funds that have been traditionally available, but also the new funds proposed for education."

"The unfortunate reality is that at a time when our nation’s students deserve and demand equitable access to high-quality learning opportunities, the administration’s continued reliance on competitive programs reinforces a funding strategy that creates winners and losers, an approach that exacerbates—rather than resolves—opportunity and achievement gaps."

"We welcome the opportunity to work with the President on his identified priorities, including early education, equity in opportunity, school safety, connectivity, and more in a manner that ensure access to all students in all states."

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