AASA Joins Two Groups on EPA PCB Regulation Letter

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AASA, along with NSBA and ASBO recently performed a survey of superintendents, school business officials, school board members, and maintenance/facilities personnel on the presence and removal of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in florescent light ballasts in order to provide feedback to the EPA on its recent executive order changing the PCB Use Authorization Rule. This survey provided data for a letter we are sending today jointly with NSBA and ASBO.

Our findings indicate that over half of districts have already removed all PCBs from school buildings. Nearly half of those that have not already removed them have already scheduled to have these fixtures removed within the next five years. Only 25 respondents (2.1 percent of the 1,200 respondents) indicated that there had been any PCB-related incident in the previous two years; six of those have already removed all PCBs from their school buildings.

We used these and other statistics in our letter to EPA Director of the National Program Chemicals Division to urge her to take no further action on additional regulations, as our data show that these actions are unnecessary.

Thank you to all who participated in the survey; your responses provide us with a strong case against these unnecessary regulations.

You can view the letter here.

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