Regulation-a-rama: School Lunch and E-Rate

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It's a rainy, regulation-filled Monday here at AASA. Both the FCC and USDA have education-related proposed rules with comment periods that close today. As such, AASA filed comments, which we share here.

FCC: The FCC is considering proposals to modernize the E-Rate program. We've covered it extensively on the blog, most recently in this call to action. As of this morning, when I was trolling the FCC comment filing system, school superintendents were making their voice heard. The tricky part is always waiting to see how the FC processes what it hears from the field. AASA's comments were in conjunction with the Association of Educational Service Agencies. We also signed on to the EdLiNC comments, a coalition we participate in as part of our broader E-Rate advocacy. 

USDA: Our friends at the Department of Agriculture have a proposed rule related to personnel training and certification requirements for food service personnel. AASA's response is consistent with our previous responses to the implementation of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids of Act of 2010: school nutrition matters, so does good policy, and the continued reliance on unfunded federal mandates threatens to undermine the program. AASA's comments center on state and local leadership, as well as calling for flexibility.

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