AASA and FY15 Appropriations Letters: AASA, Ed Tech, Perkins and Impact Aid

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The FY15 appropriations process in well under way, with both the House and Senate making progress on their respective funding bills to keep the government open. More on that in a separate blog post. In the last month, AASA has signed four separate appropriations-related letters that we wanted to flag for you:

  • Impact Aid: AASA signed a letter supporting full funding for Impact Aid in FY15, including opposition to the administration’s proposal to cut Impact Aid.
  • Education Technology: AASA worked with a small group of education and education technology groups to lead a letter that applauds the focus on restoring a dedicated line of funding to education technology within the FY15 budget. That said, the letter supports and prioritizes investment in the already authorized formula program in Title II Part D of ESEA, the Enhancing Education Through Technology Act, rather than creating a new, standalone competitive grant (a la ConnectEducators). 
  • AASA FY15 Letter: The reality is that level funding for education—even IDEA and ESEA Title I—will be a victory in the current funding climate. AASA submitted a letter to House and Senate appropriators outlining our funding priorities for FY15. Our overall ‘ask’ list is actually much longer, but in an effort to remain relevant and to ensure that our funding priorities are perceived as just that, our ask is simple: the FY15 K12 education funding priority must be on ensuring that Title I and IDEA are restored to pre-sequester levels. We do not advocate a ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’ approach, but do reiterate our concern about continued reliance on competitive programs (like RttT and i3), especially when key federal formula programs have yet to be restored.
  • Increasing funding for Perkins CTE: The erosion of Perkins CTE funding comes at a time of renewed focus on CTE programs and growth. Yet, Perkins CTE funding is currently more than $140 million lower thanin Fiscal Year (FY) 2010.  It is time to build our federal investment in CTE by robustly funding Perkins CTE State Grants at$1.264 billion in FY 2015.

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