Common Core and Other State Standards Survey Shows Optimism and Need for Time

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Today, AASA released a report on implementation of Common Core and other new state standards. This survey allowed superintendents to share their thoughts, realities and obstacles as it relates to implementing the standards and assessments. The survey report shows that superintendents are optimistic about the new standards, but that more time and support are necessary to properly implement them. Major findings include:

  • Superintendents overwhelmingly (92.5 percent) see the new standards as more rigorous than previous standards.
  • More than three quarters (78.3 percent) agree that the education community supports the standards, but that support drops to 51.4 percent among the general public.
  • Nearly three quarters of the respondents (73.3 percent) agree that the political debate has gotten in the way of the implementation of the new standards.
  • Nearly half (47 percent) say their input was never requested in the decision to adopt or develop new standards or in planning the implementation.
  • More than half (60.3 percent) of the respondents who had begun testing say they are facing problems with the tests.
  • Just under half (41.9 percent) say schools in their states are not ready to implement the online assessment, while 35.9 percent say they lack the infrastructure to support online assessments.

You can access the survey here. Please contact me at with any questions on the report.

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