AASA Launches New Advocacy Toolkit

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Today, we kick off this year's legislative advocacy conference, where we help prepare superintendents to advocate for their districts and students on Capitol Hill. We are also launching the first in a new series of toolkits to help you take this advocacy home to your communities and states. This toolkit focuses on school voucher programs and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). As an introduction, it also includes a section on the successes of public education. The toolkit includes frequently asked questions, talking points, sample Tweets, resources, a PowerPoint presentation, and other resources to help you spread the message of public education throughout your community.

The full toolkit is available in a PDF here.

All of the resources can be downloaded, altered, and disseminated through this page.

If you have any suggestions for topics or resources for future toolkits, please email me at lfinnan@aasa.org.

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