An Appropriations Round Up

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  • FY15 Update: Federal fiscal year 2015 (FY15) started on October 1 and Congress did not complete its appropriations work. They did avoid a shutdown, though, by adopting a continuing resolution that keeps government running. The CR expires on December 11, at which point Congress will have to either
    • Enact an omnibus appropriations bill that contains all 12 of the appropriations bills (AASA preference)
    • Enact an omnibus that contains some, but not all 12 bills, and extends the CR for the remaining bills
    • Extend the CR for the remainder of the year for all 12 bills.
    • Extend the CR until early next year.
  • IDEA State Allocations, as communicated by the Office of Special Education Programs to State Directors: Congress passed a short-term continuing resolution (CR) that will provide funding for a number of Federal programs through December 11, 2014. The bill includes an across-the-board reduction of 0.0554 percent that, in addition to affecting the amounts available in fiscal year 2015 under the CR, also applies to the advance portion of fiscal year 2014 funds for four major Department of Education programs that was scheduled to become available on October 1, 2014. Consequently, the October 1 allocations for these programs—Title I LEA Grants, Title II State Grants, Career and Technical Education State Grants, and IDEA Grants—will be slightly lower than we had previously estimated.
  • USED Funding Tables: Earlier this month, USED released updated budget tables, which highlight each program in the current continuing resolution (CR) at its FY14 level, adjusted to reflect the 0.0554% across-the-baord cut included in the FY15 CR. For those programs with advanced appropriations (Title I, ESEA Title II, IDEA State grants and CTE State grants), the across-the board cut comes out of both the FY 15 advanced funding that was provided in the FY 2014 omnibus (and shows up as a smaller funding level in FY displayed for those four programs), as well as the new FY 15 budget authority.
    • FY 2015 Congressional Action  (PDF or Excel)

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