AASA Joins Six Rural Education Organizations in Letter of Support for Proposed E-Rate Increase

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AASA joined forces with six other national education organizations, collectively representing rural education and communities, to issue a letter of support for FCC Chairman Thomas Wheeler's recent proposal to raise the E-Rate program funding cap.

AASA joined the Association of Educational Service Agencies, the National Association of Federally Impacted Schools, the Rural School and Community Trust, Organizations Concerned with Rural Education, the National Rural Education Association and the National Rural Education Advocacy Coalition. 

Excerpts are below, or you can read the full statement.

"We thank Chairman Wheeler for his continued support of the E-Rate program. Following the July 2014 programmatic changes to the E-Rate program, today’s announcement is an excellent complement to the E-Rate modernization effort. The additional funding is a critical component of ensuring the E-Rate program’s sustainability and the ability of our schools and libraries to meet their ever-growing connectivity demands.”

"To date, the FCC’s efforts on E-Rate modernization have focused on closing access and affordability gaps within the program, with careful attention to the unique challenges of connecting rural communities. The permanent infusion of additional funding is a strong step towards closing these gaps. The FCC has estimated that over 40% of rural schools lack access to high speed connections, and the record is clear that bringing these schools up to speed is a costly endeavor, something that will remain unattainable without additional support from the E-Rate program. We sincerely thank Chairman Wheeler and the FCC for their support.”


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