Tax Extenders and What It Means for Your Schools

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The current continuing resolution expires next weekm on December 11. We remain hopeful that Congress will be able to complete an omnibus appropriations bill that includes the LHHS/Education bill instead of relying on a year-long continuing resolution.

When it comes to tax extenders, you'll recall that the Senate Finance Committee passed the EXPIRE Act (S 2260), which extended 55 expired tax provisions for two years. This included the Qualified Zone Academy Bond (QZAB) program, with the modification to reduce the local business contribution/match from 10% to 5%. 

On the House side, the Ways/Means Committee is introducing the Tax Increase Prevention Act (HR 5771), which would retroactively extend the tax provisions that expired in 2013 for one year (through 2014). That committee is meeting today and the bill could face House consideration tomorrow. Depending on how that unfolds, the Senate Finance Committee/Senate will have the option to pass the House extenders bill (with the one-year extension) or amending it withe the EXPIRE act (two-year extension).

AASA works closely with our friends at Rebuild America's schools and we urge Congress to complete/pass an extenders package.

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