AASA Response to FCC Vote To Raise the E-Rate Cap

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Just moments ago, the FCC voted for a set of changes to the E-Rate program, many of which AASA not only supported, but led the charge for. Chief among those changes were a raising of the E-Rate cap (providing a permanent bump of $1.5 billion to the program). AASA Executive Director Dan Domenech released the following statement in response to today’s historic E-Rate vote:

“AASA is a long-time supporter of the E-Rate program, and we are proud to have collaborated with the FCC in their bold efforts to not only modernize the program, but to bolster the program’s continued and future success by raising the program’s funding cap by $1.5 billion. Chairman Wheeler, Commissioner Rosenworcel, and their colleagues proved tireless advocates, committed to addressing the connectivity needs of our nation’s students, educators and community members. In the same week where Congress is advancing their federal funding bill, it is the FCC that emerges as the education champion, ensuring that all schools and libraries are able to benefit from robust wireless broadband connectivity. We applaud the diligent effort to modernize the E-Rate program, with today’s funding vote complementing the programmatic changes of this summer. Collectively, it is the first major comprehensive modernization of the E-Rate program and a bold step toward supporting our nation’s schools and libraries as they navigate current and future connectivity needs and uses.”


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