USED Releases Guidance on Funds for Unaccompanied Children

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Earlier today ,the US Education Department announced the availability of funds for States who have at least one county where, during calendar year 2014, HHS’ Office of Refugee Resettlement placed 50 unaccompanied children or more with an appropriate sponsor while the children's immigration cases were being resolved. 

The purpose of these funds is to provide additional monies to local school districts in helping them meet the needs of these immigrant children and youth.  At total of $14 million is available to eligible States.  

This information was relayed to the states via a letter to each state's respective chief state school officer. They also received an FAQ document detailing which States are eligible for a portion of these funds, as well as the process for accepting them. 

If you have specific questions regarding either of these documents, please contact Supreet Anand, at

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