AASA Supports ECAA and Burr Amdt #2247

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Today the Senate will vote on whether to proceed with ESEA reauthorization and move to Conference the Senate bill, the Every Child Achieves Act, with HR5. There is no emailed update today as the message remains the same: urge the Senate to pass the Every Child Achieves Act. We did, however, send a note to the full Senate detailing our position on one of the major amendments that will be voted on today. Feel free to reference AASA's position in any outreach you do today.

 Burr Title I Amendment: Senator Burr’s (R-NC) amendment modifies the Title I formula in an effort to ensure the critical dollars are more accurately targeted to the neediest of students. You can read our initial analysis and response below in our blog. While we were initially neutral, the changes reflected on the floor today garner our support. More specifically: delaying the implementation of the new formula until the Title I appropriation level reaches $17 billion and then applying the new formula only to dollars above that level opens up the formula to the critical improvements necessary and eliminates the issue of ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’ that would play out in the current funding level. We look forward  to working with conferees to make even more improvements to the Title I formula to further—and more accurately—target Title I dollars. 


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