Guest Blog: AAP Resources on Poverty

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Today's guest blog comes from AASA's Children's Programs Department, highlighting the American Academy of Pediatrician's resources on poverty.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released a new policy statement on March 9th. Titled “Policy and Child Health in the United States,” AAP recommends that pediatricians routinely screen all children for poverty risk factors during checkups, and advocates for protecting and expanding state and federal anti-poverty programs. AAP also released a technical report describing the pervasive threat poverty poses on children’s health and development. 
“With almost half of U.S. children poor or near-poor, we pediatricians see the negative impact of poverty on children every day. It causes, underlies, or exacerbates many of the issues affecting the health and wellbeing of children,” wrote AAP President Benard P. Dreyer, MD, FAAP in a letter regarding the new recommendations. Read the letter
The AAP calls for pediatricians to commit to helping 1 in 5 U.S children access the resources they need to survive and thrive.  By asking the single question “Do you have difficulty making ends meet at the end of the month?” pediatricians are better able to identify families at the poverty level, and link them to resources. 
AAP developed new resources to raise awareness on the impact of poverty on child health and development. Visit, which compiles these resources, relating to the policy and technical statement including a social media toolkit, state and federal resources, practice tips for pediatricians, an article highlighting interviews from pediatrician experts,  and a press release outlining the new recommendations. 
Like AAP, AASA is committed to assisting children most in need. Our Children’s Programs Department  has a focus on equity to address the needs of children most in need. From school discipline reform to alternative school breakfast and from coordinated school health to ensuring that children connect to health care coverage, AASA’s work emphasizes addressing poverty. AASA applauds the AAP’s efforts to address poverty through their members, pediatricians

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