Asthma Communications Toolkit

The purpose of this Asthma Communications Kit is to provide school leaders with a one-stop online resource to obtain information, forms, and templates to communicate about asthma management in schools with staff, parents, the community, and the media. It was created by AASA and the National School Boards Association. It is made possible through a cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of Adolescent and School Health Award Number U58-DP398-02.

This toolkit is available to members and non-members alike. You do not need to sign in to access the Asthma Communications Toolkit.


Letter to AASA and NSBA members from Daniel A. Domenench and Anne L. Bryant (PDF) – AASA and NSBA’s executive directors encourages school system leaders to use the toolkit to communicate effectively with various constituents on the topic of asthma.

Laying the Groundwork: Information About Asthma – This section contains an overview of asthma, including data.

Why Should School Leaders Be Concerned About Asthma? – This section contains new media selections of school leaders talking about the importance of asthma management in schools.

School Board Policy – This section showcases useful information on creating school board policies to protect students with asthma in the school environment.

Fact Sheets - Students with asthma can often be impacted by other aspects of the school or social environment. The topics below connect asthma with other school health issues in order to better address the complete school environment.

Communicating with Parents - Essential Forms and Information for Schools to Work with Families and Students with Asthma

Templates and Information in Event of a Crisis – The resources in this section can be used by the school district information officer or other person responsible for responding during a crisis, and contains information on reaching out to students, parents, staff and the community in the event of an asthma emergency.

Learning from Your Peers - Sharing in Success

Essential Resources for School District Leaders

Asthma Communications Toolkit Evaluation

Additional Resources for Asthma Management in Schools- The resources on this page are intended for a variety of school staff (principals, teachers, facilities managers and others) and include topics of asthma, indoor air quality, and more.

Please note: Many of the items in the Asthma Communications Kit include links to the full text of materials from outside organizations. While we provide these links for your convenience, their content does not necessarily reflect the opinion of AASA. Please check each website for copyright information.