AASA Elections

AASA President-elect Candidate Eligibility
To be a candidate for President-elect, a member must have been:

  • an eligible AASA voting member for at least the three (3) immediately preceding years;
  • a member in good standing of a chartered affiliate for at least the three (3) immediately preceding years and a current member of the Governing Board and/or the Executive Committee; or
  • a former member of either the Governing Board or the Executive Committee, having served during at least one of the three (3) immediately preceding years.

A list of required materials and deadlines for submission is provided within the AASA Election Guidelines and the Candidate Filing Packet. Nominations for president-elect are submitted to the AASA Director of Governance.

AASA Election Guidelines (PDF)
The AASA Election Guidelines include details on nominations and elections for the AASA president-elect, the Executive Committee and the Governing Board.

Candidate Filing Packet (for President-elect) (WORD)
The Candidate Filing Packet contains the filing requirements for AASA President-elect candidates. 
Deadline: Please submit the following information no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, December 4, 2020 EST. 

Executive Committee Nomination Form (WORD)
Regionally elected AASA Governing Board members nominate and elect AASA Executive Committee members. Nominations for vacancies on the Executive Committee are due each winter in accordance with the deadline set by the Election Committee, as reflected on the form.

AASA Election Complaint Form (PDF)
This document outlines the process and provides the form for filing complaints regarding AASA elections. Complaints must be filed within 15 calendar days of the election violation or knowledge of such violation. This material is also contained within the AASA Election Guidelines.




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