The School Administrator

December 1997Measuring for Depth of LearningDiagnostic Testing to Inform Teaching


  • Testing For Teaching

    by Jeff Schiller and Dan Saltrick

    School districts can incorporate new diagnostic assessments to improve instruction to meet the identified learning needs of students. Also, four superintendents describe their new diagnostic approaches and the importance of starting with clearly defined outcomes. Jeff Schiller and Dan Saltrick are the principal consultants with Instructional and Accountability Systems, Cornelius, N.C. Both worked previously as assistant superintendents in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg, N.C., Public Schools.

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  • Communicating New Assessment Initiatives

    by Kathryn Alvestad

    When new forms of performance-based testing are launched, school leaders must work proactively to calm the fears and angers of parents. Kathryn Alvestad, director of accountability, research and assessment in the Calvert County Public Schools, Prince Frederick, Md., offers some strategies.

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  • Report Card Reform

    by Priscilla Pardini

    Hundreds of school districts are trying to make student report cards more meaningful to parents. Yet time-honored, traditional letter-grade reports continue to prevail and plans for many alternative report cards have been dropped. Also, assessment expert Grant Wiggins’ advice on report card reform and high schools experiment with alternative transcripts. Priscilla Pardini is an free-lance education writer in Shorewood, Wis.

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  • A Celebration of Learning

    by Mary Beth Dennis

    Schools in Tuscaloosa, Ala., have adopted a non-traditional approach to report the progress of their students. Here’s how they accomplished what many others have failed to do. Mary Beth Dennis is the director of the Alabama Consortium for Educational Renewal, a partnership of two school districts and the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala.

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    Mary Ann Schmidt by JAY P. GOLDMAN

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    Drowning in Old Personnel Files? Here's a Plan for Coping by Ronald L. Friedman

    assistant superintendent, Elwood Public Schools, Greenlawn, N.Y.

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    Guest Column

    Reflections on AASA Conferences Past and Present by Lydia J. Axelrod

    superintendent, Shelter Island Union Free District, Shelter Island, N.Y.

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    Federal Dateline

    The Test of Sound Public Policy by Andy J. Rotherham

    policy analyst, AASA

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    Where Does Inclusion Fit in Decentralized Decision Making? by Patricia F. Schofield and Sandra H. Warren

    former research associates on a project funded by the U.S. Department of Education at the Institute for the Study of Exceptional Children and Youth at the University of Maryland

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    President's Corner

    Up Close With AASA on The Hill by Karl V. Hertz

    president, AASA

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