After-school Programs

AASA worked in the area of after-school programs through funding provided by the C.S. Mott Foundation.

Through this project, AASA identified school districts with after-school programs — both successful and troubled — seeking to understand what bureaucratic barriers these districts have faced and the behaviors of their school administrators and program leaders that helped to avoid and overcome barriers.

The study findings were reported in the August 2003 issue of The School Administrator.

afterschoolProgramsCoverAfter-school Toolkit
After-school Programs: Bureaucratic Barriers and Strategies for Success is complete with resources and tools that you as a school leader and your staff can use to plan, implement and sustain a quality after-school program. This toolkit includes:

  • Reprints of the feature articles from the May 2005 issue of AASA’s monthly magazine, The School Administrator, focused on evaluation, sustainability and engaging students in after-school programs.
  • An issue of AASA’s occasional publication, School Governance & Leadership (PDF), a resource guide that builds upon original research done by AASA with school districts across the country on the barriers that often get in the way of quality and sustainable after-school programming.
  • A DVD featuring urban, suburban and rural superintendents commenting on barriers to after-school programming, promising practices and advice to other superintendents on overcoming these barriers.

Superintendents’ Perspectives on the “New Day for Learning” Report
Five superintendents reflect on the framework detailed by a national task force convened by the C.S. Mott Foundation. The series provides an impetus for school system leaders to work with communities as equal and committed partners to provide children with meaningful learning experiences during the school day, before and after school, and year-round. Download the report (PDF).

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