The School Administrator

Feb 11 Cover

February 2011 Number 2, Vol. 68Superintendent Side VenturesSharing one's expertise through adjunct professorships, book and article writing, consulting



    Relationship Building Is Her Passport by Liz Griffin

    The force behind a change of culture in a 3,900-student district in Kansas is a third-year superintendent with five school-age children of her own.

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    Board-Savvy Superintendent

    Interference by Group and by Individual by MICHAEL T. ADAMSON

    Micromanagement by an individual school board member or by a group of members is equally destructive, but they stem from different points of understanding. A provider of training for school boards in Indiana sorts out what separates them.

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    A Grant-Writing Campaign Waged by Staff by BRIAN PEKAREK

    Faced with a 5 percent reduction in the budget of his small district in Iowa, the superintendent coordinated his staff’s grant-writing efforts, bringing in new funds that comprised more than 11 percent of the operating budget. The author shares his simple steps.

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    Before Adopting a Laptop Initiative by ELIZABETH ROSS HUBBELL

    A good technology audit will gather data through various tools — surveys, focus groups, classroom walkthroughs and interviews — to gain an understanding of what learning looks like in that school or district as you consider 1:1 computing.

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    Guest Column

    What Do I Need From Our Teachers? by KIMBERLY MORITZ

    A superintendent of a small, rural district wonders how she can more effectively influence the thinking and practices of her teachers. She has settled on a half dozen expectations she shares with them.

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    Our roundup of superintendents appointed to new posts and those retiring from service. Also, the Sidelight features the jazz-performing superintendent of Hopatcong, N.J.

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    Tech Leadership

    Hiring in the Age of Social Media by AMY MAGEE

    Before you extend a job offer, should you search online for information posted by or about the applicant on Facebook, blogs, Twitter and YouTube? A legal adviser to school boards weighs in on this contemporary personnel issue.

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    President's Corner

    Getting Our House in Order by EDGAR B. HATRICK

    As he heads to AASA’s national conference, the association’s president has been thinking about the Common Core Standards and the advantages of an independent, state-led school system, unconfined by a single national agenda that may or may not be right for students.

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    Executive Perspective

    Familiar School Challenges in Israel by DANIEL A. DOMENECH

    As part of a delegation sponsored by the American-Israel Friendship League, AASA’s executive director learned several things about Israeli schooling with connections to school systems back home.

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    AASA School Solutions

    Real-Time Student Outcome Reporting by DONALD HOSSLER

    The National Student Clearinghouse’s StudentTracker system enables school district to analyze the readiness of their graduates for post-secondary studies and to examine the pathways of alumni through higher education.

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