The New Superintendent’s Journal

July 2011

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The Good News About Schools
In these trying times where public education is being attacked on all fronts, the Superintendent from Greensburg (IN) Community Schools comments on change and some of the great things going on in his schools. “We were a good school system,” he writes, so why did we need to change?”
By Tom Hunter, Superintendent, Greensburg Community Schools (IN). Indiana Superintendent of the Year (2011)

Transforming a School District
The Superintendent of Aurora (CO) schools describes the genuine leadership skills required to transform a school district: “Whether leading the military, a business, or a school district, I have learned that it is better to lead by inspiring and not commanding.
By John Barry, Superintendent, Aurora (CO) Public Schools

The Seduction of the Leader: The Superintendent's Dilemma
The author used the term seduction to describe a pernicious leadership dynamic that is played out in school districts across the country. “This “seduction” occurs,” he writes when a superintendent and other senior leaders (e.g., principals, associate superintendents) don’t receive honest and thoughtful feedback about the impact of their leadership style or ideas.
By Patrick Sanaghan, The Sanaghan Group (PA)