AASA New Superintendents E-Journal

September 2011


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Addressing the Student Readiness Gap
Realizing that children enter school with unique experiences and at different stages of proficiency, education must be “the great equalizer.” It is the responsibility of superintendents to recognize and address the gap in student readiness, sustaining a learning environment where all students, regardless of entry level, continue to achieve excellence.
By Bernard P. Pierorazio, Superintendent, Yonkers Public Schools

Be Available, Be Personable, But Don’t Take It Personally
The author writes about those phone calls and conversations that superintendents will inevitably encounter when shopping, in church, attending a ball game or dining locally. He tells the stories of some of those encounters and gives the reader tips for developing an attitude that will lead to success. 
Dr. Daniel D. Curry, Superintendent, Lake Forest Schools

Get a G.R.I.P. on District Office Dynamics: You Need Grit, Relationships, Interactions, and Presence
Unflattering terms used by staff to describe the district office, “head shed,” “downtown,” and “the glass palace” are metaphors schools have adopted to describe a collegial distance or disconnect between central office administrators and themselves. This writer offers strategies for turning the central office into a partner with schools in the work of improvement. “But first,” she writes, “change begins within the district office team itself.”
By Dr. Mary Lynne Derrington, Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee