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Cutting Costs and Generating

Revenues in Education

Second Edition

by Tim L. Adsit and George Murdock, Rowman & Littlefield Education, New York, N.Y., 2010, 214 pp., $34.95 softcover 


In Cutting Costs and Generating Revenues in Education, Tim Adsit and George Murdock leave no stone unturned in examining all aspects of school operations for cost savings and revenue generation. The book covers savings on the district and school levels for administration, instructional and support services and alternative revenue sources in education.

Each chapter of the book follows a similar format. For example, under the building and grounds category falls the subtheme of energy conservation. The authors’ suggestions are, at times, simple, such as “periodically reemphasize ongoing energy conservation program,” or more programmatic, such as saving on heating costs significantly “by starting school earlier in the year and extending Christmas vacation for two weeks before Christmas.”

The chapters conclude with several case studies of schools that have implemented some of the recommendations with details on the success or problems they encountered. The appendixes provide additional reference materials with school purchasing cooperation by state and a survey instrument of costcutting and revenue-generating ideas to use with staff, advisory groups and community members.

One of the book’s strengths is that Adsit and Murdock admit they do not have all of the answers. They ask that readers submit their insights into cost savings or revenue generation to be shared in future editions.

The book is organized by department, allowing a superintendent to share each section with the appropriate staff. My suggestion would be to use the book as part of an administrative summit to determine how the survey could be modified for district use along with a thorough review of the cost-cutting suggestions for each department.

Reviewed by William A. Clark, superintendent, Manheim Central School District, Manheim, Pa.


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