AASA New Superintendents E-Journal

January 2012

wallaceFoundation_logoThe Wallace Foundation is an independent, national foundation dedicated to supporting and sharing effective ideas and practices that expand learning and enrichment opportunities for all people. Its three current objectives are: strengthening education leadership to improve student achievement, enhancing out-of-school learning opportunities, and expanding participation in arts and culture. For research and other resources on education leadership, visit the Knowledge Center.


Building a Culture of Trust
In an effort to ensure positive learning opportunities for students, Springfield Public Schools has designated building a culture of trust, internally and externally, as one of our district’s five-year goals. In 2006, our strong relationship with our community allowed us to pass a $42.7 million dollar bond measure, with a margin of victory that was nearly 14%. During the last three years, this high level of trust proved beneficial as we faced the most potentially devastating financial crisis in our history, requiring us to cut approximately $30 million from our budget.
By Nancy Golden

Engaged Citizenship Through e-Service Learning
There is a general consensus that having our children involved in service to their community is a good thing. Communities benefit as volunteers help address important issues and needs. Young people benefit as they build character, gain real-world experience, and avoid the trouble that idle time can often create. Participation in service can also provide students with college scholarship opportunities at a time when other sources are becoming harder to find. Doing service for those in need, quite simply, is good for youth and for our democratic community.
By Kristy C. Verdi and Michael J. Berson

Living the Superintendency
Welcome to the superintendency! You have accepted more than a position of employment, you have accepted the life of a superintendent. This comes with the potential for great professional and personal fulfillment, but it also comes with new definition to your life. Understanding the experiences you will have can go a long way in helping you to succeed in your life as a superintendent and not just in your job as one.
By Elizabeth Osga