Liberty's Apprentice

Public Schools: The Bedrock of Our Democracy

LibertysApprenticeCoverLiberty’s Apprentice is a powerful new toolkit celebrates public schools in America. The DVD highlights the role public schools play in securing our nation’s future by teaching democracy to our youth and creating informed citizens.



The toolkit includes the following materials:

  • A 10-minute documentary that celebrates public schools as the bedrock of American democracy. The documentary features current and former superintendents and other notable leaders.
  • A PowerPoint presentation about the importance of education to our democracy, to be used in conjunction with the Liberty’s Apprentice documentary. For maximum impact, add information to the presentation about initiatives that are underway in your district to advance democracy and create informed citizens.
  • A compendium of articles from The School Administrator magazine that explore the civic mission of public schools.
  • A how-to guide to getting the most out of this educational tool.

Liberty's Apprentice was developed as part of AASA's Stand Up for Public Education™ campaign, which helps educate members and the public about the good things schools are doing and the important role that public education plays in American society. Randy Rice, executive director of education programs for Farmers Insurance, produced the documentary. His last documentary, Freedom's Song: 100 Years of African American Struggle and Triumph, is used in more than 40,000 middle and high school classrooms.

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Liberty's Apprentice is made possible through a grant from Farmers Insurance. Farmers has been a partner of AASA for more than four years, providing free education programs including the DVD Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things.