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Advocacy With a Modern


Advocacy for public education comes in many forms. We’ve chosen to focus largely on the legislative route in this issue with several articles by and about school system leaders who know their way around the corridors of power. Their insights on influencing pending legislation and funding related to K-12 education are worth your time.

Meanwhile, a growing selection of superintendents also are exercising their voices in the blogosphere, using social media to advocate for the schools they lead and to generate public support for the ideas they have in mind for raising the enterprise. Our redesigned edition of School Administrator magazine, which launched in January, captures the use of an electronic megaphone in a monthly section we call Best of the Blogs.

We intend to present pithy excerpts each month from four or five of the most thoughtful and lively blogs being maintained by AASA members today. I’m currently monitoring about two dozen such blogs, and I’m impressed by the articulate commentaries being posted online with regularity by these school leaders. Their blogs are much more meaningful than glorified bulletin boards promoting an upcoming school play or touting a new program.

For instance, in this month’s Best of the Blogs, you’ll find superintendents staking out their positions on accountability, technology integration and the downside of making a new hire. You are encouraged to read the entirety of the postings that intrigue you by visiting AASA Connect (, where we are building a repository of convenient links to AASA members’ blogs and running RSS feeds to several superintendents’ blogs for six weeks at a time.

And don’t overlook AASA’s official blogs, Connect With Dan and the Leading Edge.

Jay P. Goldman, Editor
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