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Hitting the Jackpot With Cow Pie 
Superintendents in all rural communities should be so lucky. Cow plop was worth $5,000 recently to Ron Drzewicki, superintendent of the White Pigeon, Mich., Community Schools.

Drzewicki had the good fortune to select square No. 95 on the 500-square grid laid out on an elementary school playground during the first Cow-Poo-Looza fund-raiser staged by a parents organization in his community.

He won the grand prize when Dolly, a 7-year-old Holstein, defecated on the superintendent’s chosen, two-by-two-foot square. According to the Kalamazoo Gazette, which covered the event, the cow’s act “drew a buzz among the spectators who stood by for three hours waiting for nature to take its course.”

Drzewicki told the newspaper he planned to donate some of the proceeds to the district, use some to treat his daughters and use the remainder to pay off the tax bill on his hefty prize.

A Man of Promise
When Calvin Lee accepted the superintendency of the Moline, Ill., School District, 11 years ago, he promised the board of education he planned to stay until his youngest child graduated from high school. She was then a 2nd grader.

Now she’s a high school senior, and Lee is fulfilling his pledge. He’ll bow out this summer.

(Source: Quad-City Times, Davenport, Iowa

Rare Competition 
Being part of a team carries significant value to students, and in some states a chance to participate in some rather unusual competitions – beyond the standard offerings of sports, theater and debate.

Only high school students in New Mexico, for instance, get to compete in the sanctioned sport of rodeo. And Illinois is the lone state to lay claim to conducting a statewide bass fishing championship for secondary schools.

(Source: National Federation of State High School Associations, Indianapolis, Ind.)

A Bittersweet Truth
Appearing at the annual dinner of the Quabbin Education Foundation for Students and Teachers, Maureen Marshall, superintendent of the Quabbin Regional School District in Barre, Mass., stood at a podium while the screen behind her flashed photographic images of two prominent state legislators from the area and President Obama.

“Some parents expect us to provide door-to-door service between home and school. Frankly, I don’t care if they call Rep. Gobi, Sen. Brewer or the president himself. The fact is you can’t turn around a 72-foot school bus in an 8-foot driveway,” she said.

For that quip and others at the fundraising banquet, Marshall was named Quabbin’s Funniest Person as voted by a four-member panel that included a local bank president and a radio personality.

To punctuate the pronouncement, the superintendent hoisted a 3-foot trophy topped with a microphone. The superintendent’s comedy sketch, titled “School Rules” and delivered with props, drew upon actual dealings she and other administrators had with parents, according to a news story in the Worcester, Mass., Telegram & Gazette.

Marshall quipped, “Who knows. Maybe I’ll give up my day job.” That was followed quickly by: “Just kidding.”

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